Amy Carnevale Demands Gov. Healey Push Biden on Border Crisis in Urgent Letter

May 20, 2024
Governor Maura Healey Massachusetts State House 24 Beacon Street Boston, MA 02133

Governor Healey,

The past three and a half years have seen the most disastrous border crisis in United States history. This entirely preventable human tragedy is the result of the mismanagement and misguided policies of President Biden, Homeland Secretary Mayorkas, and the advisors and allies who enabled their failure.
We hope you do not count yourself among them. Over the past year, you have become all too familiar with the magnitude of this crisis: In 2023, reports indicated 9.5 million illegal immigrant encounters occurred nationwide, and an estimated 1.8 million “gotaways” have escaped custody since Biden took office. Massachusetts has borne the brunt of this federal disaster, costing the Commonwealth billions of dollars and putting the safety of our residents at risk.

Governor, you are correct when you stated that this stems from a “federal crisis of inaction.” Unfortunately, we are disappointed to see you follow suit with that level of inaction by continuing, like the Biden Administration, to succumb to political pandering and perpetuating this crisis. Further, the fact that a federal bill has not been enacted is not the fault of Congressional Republicans as you have previously claimed. Such criticism is misplaced as both Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Ed Markey voted against the leading bill when given the opportunity to advance a solution. This crisis is the result of policies implemented by President Biden, and his ongoing refusal to change course – that is the “inaction” that we see.

The President can and should act. Now is not the time for gentle criticism of the President’s policies.  It is past time for action.

I write this letter hopeful that you can leverage your relationship with President Biden as a surrogate for his reelection campaign. I implore you, on behalf of concerned Massachusetts residents, to request the following from President Biden:

Reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy. This policy ensures asylum seekers are processed in Mexico, unlike the current catch-and-release policy.
Shut down the border until illegal crossings cease. Biden previously indicated he would do so by executive order if crossings exceed 4,000 per day; however, former Obama-Biden Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has stated that even 1,000 overwhelms the system. Demand clarity on Biden’s deportation plans for the 8 million migrants since he took office, especially those settling in Massachusetts, and ascertain the long-term financial implications for the Commonwealth.
Request additional Coast Guard patrols along Massachusetts’ coasts and key waterways to prevent illegal immigrant arrivals by boat, as seen in California. Press Biden to increase efforts to locate and protect the more than 85,000 immigrant children reported missing and at risk of exploitation.

It’s imperative for our nation and the Commonwealth to address and resolve this immigration crisis, bringing the border under control. If President Biden ever plans to get serious about border security, then he needs more leaders in the Democratic Party like you to demand he do so.

Taking a public and proactive stance — as you did so many times during President Trump’s four years in office — is pivotal for ensuring the safety and stability of both Massachusetts and the entire nation. 
Governor Healey, on behalf of all concerned Massachusetts residents, I urge you to take a stance and push for action from President Biden to end the border crisis.

Amy Carnevale, Chair Massachusetts Republican Party

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