Republican Jonathan Tavares Victorious in City Council Election

June 7, 2023

Bringing a message of new ideas paired with conservative family values, political newcomer Jonathan Tavares won a seat on the Attleboro Municipal Council yesterday by capturing 63% of the vote in a special election. 

How did he do it? Jonathan went door to door and spoke directly with voters. He told his compelling story of being a young, professional, family man (five beautiful children) who wants to bring a fresh perspective to city government. Door to door and eye to eye. Voters could see and hear his sincerity, integrity, sense of humor, and strength of character as he espoused conservative principles and promised to be a good steward of city financials.

The message resonated with voters, who said they are tired of the ‘more of the same’ candidates they have experienced in the past. At 29 and a business owner, Jonathan came into the race with no political baggage – just a fresh face full of optimism and a promise of common sense governance. 

Jonathan is a registered Republican and, along with his father and younger brother, a member of the Attleboro Republican City Committee.

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