Taxes and Regulation Spark Mass Migration

Boston– Today, the Boston Globe reported on an analysis made by Boston Indicators that shows in every category—race, age, and socioeconomic status—there are more people leaving Massachusetts than entering. They’re leaving for a better quality of life. This is directly linked to the burden Democrats impose with their regulations on development and high taxes across the board.

MassGOP Chairwoman Amy Carnevale, commented on the study stating, “Democrats tax life necessities, innovation, and success. They tax you for driving a car, regulate, and tax developers for wanting to build. If you’re successful enough to afford to live in Massachusetts, they look to levy additional taxes on your wealth. It’s Democrats’ taxes and regulations that drive up costs in the Commonwealth, making it unaffordable for folks to live here. That’s why people are leaving.”

“A single mother, needing a car to buy groceries for her children, faces an excise tax on her vehicle. Developers must navigate a regulatory and financial gauntlet to build in the Commonwealth, making it less attractive for them to provide the housing Massachusetts needs. If you’ve found success in Massachusetts, you’ll face additional taxes through a millionaires tax, leading to wealth migration out of the state, and finally the death tax.” Carnevale continued.

“Democrats want to point the finger at everything other than their policies for the Mass Exodus. While residents are forced to tighten their belts year after year, the state’s budget sees sizable growth. It should be the other way around. Democratic leaders must be reminded that the essence of Massachusetts’ greatness doesn’t stem from a progressive government but from the grit and ingenuity of its residents. Beacon Hill needs to look at cutting these exorbitant taxes and regulations; then, you will start to see Massachusetts become more affordable and a more attractive place to live,” Carnevale concluded.

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