MassGOP Chairwoman Condemns Healey-Driscoll Administration’s Irresponsible Spending on Migrant Accommodations

Boston–The Healey-Driscoll Administration is allocating up to $300 per night on hotel accommodations to house migrants within the Commonwealth. This translates to a staggering $108,000 per year for a single family among the 7,500 families in the state. With such figures, it’s hardly surprising that the costs associated with the migrant crisis are projected to reach $932,000,000 this year alone. Coupled with the Democratic Supermajority’s apparent disinterest in curbing the influx of migrants into the Commonwealth and the absence of any discernible executive actions from the Biden Administration, Massachusetts appears to be looking down the barrel of economic ruin.

MassGOP Chairwoman, Amy Carnevale, provided comments on the outrageous spending stating, “Spending $108,000 a year to house one migrant family is just reckless. The Healey-Driscoll Administration’s inaction on this crisis isn’t just costing Massachusetts millions; it’s costing billions of dollars and it is not sustainable. Residents will be seeing the consequences of this crisis through more budget cuts and higher taxes. The Democratic supermajority’s prioritization of progressive political pandering is jeopardizing both Massachusetts residents and crucial state programs. It’s imperative that we amend the right to shelter law for the sake of the Commonwealth’s financial future.”

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