MassGOP Denounces Secretary Tibbits-Nutt’s Anti-Resident Policies

Boston– Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation Monica Tibbits-Nutt’s recent address to Walk Massachusetts was an abhorrent display of bad policy, and showed blatant disrespect for Massachusetts residents. In her speech, Secretary Tibbits-Nutt stated she’s “going after anyone who has money,” expressed support for creating tolls at our border, proposed raising taxes on Ubers and Lyfts, package deliveries, payroll taxes, and adding additional excise taxes to “the type of person” who owns trucks and SUVs. In her brazen arrogance, she asserted that once she says something, it becomes policy.

MassGOP Chairwoman, Amy Carnevale, commented on Secretary Tibbits-Nutt’s address stating, “The Secretary’s policy initiatives are the antithesis of what’s needed in Massachusetts. A poll came out last week that showed our workforce is leaving the state in droves due to Massachusetts’ unaffordability. Adding more taxes, more tolls, and more penalties for ordinary Massachusetts residents is only going to make Massachusetts less affordable, and add to the mass migration the Commonwealth has been experiencing. Secretary Tibbits-Nutt needs to be reminded that she is a civil servant and can’t impose high taxes at the behest of Massachusetts residents to pursue her leftist agenda.”

“The Secretary of Transportation’s duty is to serve all Massachusetts residents, yet that doesn’t appear to be her aim. In her speech, she asserted, ‘I am 100% passing judgment on someone who wants to drive basically an 18-wheeler as their personal car,’ referring to trucks and SUVs. She even went so far as to say, ‘We can’t price them enough, that’s going to stop the type of person who wants to buy that car.’ Who exactly is this ‘type of person’ Secretary Tibbits-Nutt is addressing? Is it a parent with four children or someone who relies on a truck for work? Regardless, she plans to impose additional excise taxes on their vehicles. The left often preaches inclusivity, yet it’s evident that if they disagree with a particular group, not only will that group be excluded, but also vilified,” Carnevale continued.

“At the outset of Secretary Tibbits-Nutt’s address, she emphasized that she ‘represents the administration.’ I am urging the Healey-Driscoll Administration to clarify their stance on the proposed toll and tax increases that would impact every Massachusetts resident uniformly. It is crucial for the Healey-Driscoll Administration to be transparent about their planned tax hikes so that Massachusetts residents can understand where their elected officials stand on these matters and make informed decisions when casting their votes in the upcoming elections,” Carnevale concluded.

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